• Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

    Parts Provisioning – Based on the project requirements, the repairability and levels of maintenance, TOCI will recommend the initial quantity of parts required to support the equipment. 

    Parts Breakdown – Depending on the repairability of the equipment, TOCI will recommend the breakdown of major assemblies and components that may be required to sustain the equipment.

    Provisioning Documentation – Using the technical data for the equipment, TOCI will determine and report on the specific spare parts required, providing sufficient information to have NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) assigned as appropriate.

    Repair Analysis – Based on past experience and comparable equipment data, TOCI will analyze the equipment repairability to estimate projected breakdown and pre-empt possible failure in the future.

    Support Analysis/Reports – Building on the Repair Analysis, TOCI will recommend preventative maintenance schedules to improve the operational serviceability for the equipment throughout its operational life.

  • Technical Publications

    CFTO / MIL-STD-40051 / MIL-STD-2361 Formats - TOCI has an established track record of creating and revising technical manuals according to required standards for both military and commercial applications. Examples of these types of manuals include: Operator Manuals, 1st & 2nd Line Maintenance Manuals, and Illustrated Parts Lists. 
    Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) or Publications (IETP) – Incorporating all aspects of traditional technical manuals, the IETM is usually published in a PDF format with integral hyperlinks within the document and links to other external documents or sources. Higher levels of IETM functionality incorporate advanced features such as interactive schematics, animations, video clips, exploded views and procedure demonstrations.

    S1000D Documentation and Conversions – Using the latest aerospace standard for publications, TOCI is capable of developing and centralizing all elements of technical documentation for a project. The use of S1000D ensures that the most up-to-date and most accurate information is being applied to the project. In this way, we support any type of equipment through a centralized database while ensuring consistent use of approved terminology and content reuse where applicable.

    Technical Bulletins – TOCI is capable of creating, distributing, and managing technical bulletins in support of any piece of equipment during its service life. These bulletins could include recalls, technical notifications and acceptable replacement part notices.

    QA Services – TOCI provides independent technical review and edit services to other publications providers. These services could include services such as side by side comparisons, syntax and technical confirmations.

  • Engineering Services

    Technical Data Packages (TDP) -  Preparation and compilation of technical drawings, including data lists, Technical Data Action Notices (TDAN), Meta Data files and Supplementary Provisioning Technical Documentation (SPTD), as required.

  • Training